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Cornerstone Cellars

Cornerstone cellars

spring 2021 cheese selection


Pairs well with Corallina Rose of Pinot Noir or Sta Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Milton Creamery’s take on a well-aged white cheddar that is aged for a minimum of 9 months.  This award-winning American artisan cheese is a touch sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy, with a little crunch from the calcium crystals that are developed during the aging process. 


Pairs well with Oakville Station Merlot

This 18 month aged gouda is crafted from the milk of cows who live in the fertile pastures of northern Holland.  With it’s rich ochre interior and an intense, tangy flavor – its texture transforms from soft and creamy to firm and slightly crumbly with subtle crystallization throughout.


Pairs well with Oakville Station Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon

The milk comes from a small farm where the sheep are treated like family.  Even though this cheese has been aged for one year, it has developed a sweet and nutty flavor.  This cheese tastes like candy.


Pairs well with Oakville Station Cabernet Sauvignon

This gouda style cheese has been created as a kind of Parmegiano Reggiano.  It is produced in Holland using a starter that is typically used in northern Italy.  This cheese is not aged for a specific amount of time, but rather until it acquires a particular flavor profile.